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Tiny Tree DIY

Here's a step-by-step guide on making your own little ornament. The only stitch you need to know is whipstitch (check out my Stitch Guide for more info).


- Green fabric

- Scraps of black, pink, yellow, and red fabric

- Bakers twine or yarn for ornament loop

- Mini pompoms

- Stuffing

- Thread

Step 1: Cut two tree shapes from green fabric, approx 3"x3.5" each.

Step 2: Cut 6" of twine or yarn for ornament loop. Connect ends with a knot.

Step 3: Place looped twine between the two tree shapes.

Step 4: Whipstitch all the way around the tree shape, leaving a 1" gap for stuffing.

Step 5: Stuff until full, but not bursting.

Step 6: Whipstitch gap shut.

Step 7: Cut small star from yellow fabric

Step 8: Cut eyes, mouth, and cheeks from fabric scraps.

Step 9: Use fabric glue to attach face, star, and pom poms. Allow to dry for 24 hours.

Happy sewing!

Want to make cute little ornaments for everyone you know? Purchase the pattern and guides for all three ornaments here!

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