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Year of the Rat Plush DIY

Happy Lunar New Year! Bring in the Year of the Rat with this cute baby rat DIY. It's so quick and easy that you will want to make one for all your friends!


- White fleece

- Pink fleece (scraps)

- Black fleece (scraps)

- White sewing thread

- Black sewing thread

- Fabric glue

- Scissors

Step 1: Cut two semicircles (approx 5"x3"), one egg (approx 5"x3"), and two smaller semicircles (approx 1") out of white fabric.

Step 2: Sew the larger semicircles, right sides together, using a backstitch.

Step 3: Place egg shape along the flat edge of the semicircles. Backstitch around, leaving a small opening for turning.

Step 4: Flip inside out and stuff until full but not bursting.

Step 5: Whipstitch ears and tail onto body.

Step 6: Cut details out of pink and black fabric scraps. Use fabric glue to attach or whipstitch.

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